Shipping furniture overseas


shipping furniture

Furniture is probably the most important part of our home. The furniture we have chosen for our house reflects our taste and our style. Maybe we bought it all together, or slowly over time. Whatever the case, when shipping your furniture is very delicate.

But shipping furniture (in a container) overseas is also complicated. Furniture is heavy, sometimes fragile, other times difficult to assemble and disassemble. And here is where Moovmii comes to your help. Filling in our form you will get up to 5 quotes from qualified international shipping companies who can ship your furniture. These movers have years of experience, and they are able to ship your container with furniture limiting the damage, and the danger (both for the furniture, and for yourself, in case you try to do transport the furniture yourself!).

Instead of spending time searching for international furniture shipping companies Moovmii will send your request directly to 5 moving companies. They will contact you either by phone or by email. This way you save time and money, since the shipping companies will compete for shipping your furniture overseas. You will be able to choose the right mover for you, depending on its services, and its price.

Compare Shipping Furniture Costs

Is this not enough to convince you to use Moovmii and its network of international removal companies? Here are some other reasons that will surely convince you:

  • Our service is free!
  • You get up to 5 free quotes, giving you the possibility to choose;
  • International shipping companies have years of experience, and have done furniture transports just like yours innumerable times;
  • Movers can disassemble and assemble your furniture, pack your belongings, and do all the heavy lifting;
  • Moving companies are specialized in container shipping and hefty items around, so they can guarantee you the best protection for your things, whether you are opting for a shipping by land, by air, or by sea;
  • Other services provided are insurance and help in the handling of documents.

With Moovmii the international move of your furniture starts in the right way: You will get up to 5 quotes, and be contacted by the best movers around. All without having to spend time, and money.

Thanks to Moovmii and its network of international moving companies you can be assured that your international transport will start, and end, with a smile.