How to arrange shipping to Spain?

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Relocating to Spain

Spain used to be a country of emigrants. Since the 90s however, the balance has changed towards immigration. Many of these immigrants are traditionally low-skilled workers from Africa and Latin America. Since the recession hit Spain and unemployment exploded, the number of blue collar labourers wanting to relocate to Spain has of course dropped considerably. This also goes for expats from the European Union and other Western countries with which Spain has bilateral agreements. There are however other reasons to move to Spain. There is a considerable number of migrants, especially from Northern Europe, that relocate to Spain for the obvious reasons: sunny weather and a layed-back lifestyle. Usually these people start by spending a part of the year on the Spanish coast, before opting for a permanent relocation. This is when Moovmii can assist in finding a moving company to make aarangements for the transportation to Spain.


Life in Spain

Spain is a land of rich culture, beautiful nature and friendly people. In 2012, Spain was the fourth country worldwide when it comes to receiving the most visitors from abroad. Barcelona, Madrid and Seville are the most visited cities in Spain. The Balearic and Canary Islands are also common destinations for summer holidays, offering beautiful beaches and clear swimming water. This is for sure one of the reasons why not only expat professionals, but also many retired people emigrate to Spain.

Key characteristics of Spain

If you are relocating to spain, you probably know a lot about the country already. Here are some random details that might add to your knowledge of the country.


Capital: Madrid
Population: 47 million
Currency: Euro
GDP: $ 1.394trillion (nominal)
National anthem: La Marcha Real