Moving to Singapore 


Basic information Singapore

If you are moving to Singapore, it might be useful to know the basic information about the country, which can be found below:

  • Official name: the Republic of Singapore
  • Population: 5,136,700 of per 2014
  • Capital City: Singapore
  • Government: Unitary Parliamentary constitutional republic
    • President: Tony Tan
    • Prime minister: Lee Hsien Loong
    • Speaker of Parliament: Halimah Yacob
    • Chief Justice: Sundaresh Menon
  • Main language: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil
  • Major religion: Buddhism
  • Monetary unit:  Singapore dollar (SGD)
  • International dialing code: +65

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Education in Singapore is of a very good quality and taken very serious by residents. The Singaporean education system has been ranked 3rd in the world.  The competition amongst students is therefore also very high. Mathematics and Science topics are very well perceived by students. The education might be very attractive for your children because of the high standards.  The Singaporean education is as followed:

  • Kindergartens (from the age of 4 years to 6 years old)
  • Primary education (From the age of 6-7 years to 11-12 years old)
  • Secondary education (from the age of 12-13 years to 16-17 years old)
  • Tertiary education

Education is compulsory for the children from the age 6 years old till 15 years old.


The unemployment rate of Singapore was 1.9% in January 2015. Working in Singapore is very attractive for expats because Singapore is very open to new people. There are job opportunities for expats. It is also possible to start to look around online.  If you want to apply for a work permit, you will need to meet the following requirements and provide the following documents:

  • The worker’s passport number
  • The worker’s Work Permit number (if applicable)
  • The worker’s Identity Card (IC) number (if he / she is Malaysian or from People’s Republic of China)
  • The worker’s spouse IC number (if he / she is married to a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident)


Bank accounts

The biggest banks in Singapore are: Developmental Bank of Singapore, Post Office Savings Bank, United Overseas Bank, OCBC Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. If you are moving to Singapore it might be useful to know that it is possible for expats to open a bank account in Singapore moreover, it is very easy to do so. Since one of the main languages of Singapore is English, expats might not find any problems communicating. If you want to open a bank account in Singapore, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid work visa or Employment Pass
  • Proof of address (e.g. utility bill or tenancy agreement)
  • Official letter from your manager
  • Letter of reference from your bank at home

Moving to Singapore


If you are moving to Singapore, you might need a visa, however this depends on from which country you come from.  If you are moving to Singapore, the following documents are required if you want to apply for a visa:

  • Application Form
  • 1 recent passport sized color photograph
  • Passport & a photocopy of passport
  • Hotel and Plane ticket reservation printout/confirmation.
  • Letter of identification from the employer/sponsor
  • Letter of invitation from Singapore contact/company with signatory’s name/NRIC number & designation if application is made for business purposes.
  • Official translation of the documents are required if they are not in the English Language.
  • Paid visa fee

Please ensure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of departure to Singapore.

Cost of living

If you are moving to Singapore you must know that the cost of living is in Singapore is quite high compared to the other Asian countries. The cost for accommodation is very high in Singapore. The gap between the rich and the poor is rather high. Expats might consider Singapore as expensive as in 2011, Singapore has been ranked as the 11th most expensive expat destinations.



Medical care

The medical care in Singapore is of a high quality and the health care system was ranked 6th in the world health systems in 2010. Moreover, the health system was ranked on number 1 in 2014 according to Bloomberg. 70% to 80% of the residents in Singapore use the public health care insurance. However many residents have an additional private insurance (though work for example).


Driving license

In Singapore the minimum age to drive a car is at least 18 years old. You have 3 different types of driving licenses in Singapore:

  • Provisional Driving License (PDL)
  • Qualified Driving License (QDL)
  • Vocational Driving License (VDL)

If you are moving to Singapore and want more information about Singaporean driving licenses, click on the link below:



Although living in Singapore might be considered quite expensive, the taxation is very low in Singapore. However, just like any other country in the world, the more you earn the more tax you will need to pay.


Moving to Singapore

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