Moving to India


Basic information India

If you are moving to India, it might be useful to know the basic information about the country, which can be found below:

  • Official name: the Republic of India
  • India is the seventh largest country by area
  • Population: 1,210,193,422 of per 2012
  • Capital City: New Delhi
  • Government: Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
    • President: Pranab Mukherjee
    • Vice president: Mohammad Hamid Ansari
    • Prime minister: Narendra Modi
  • Main language: Hindi, English
  • Major religion: Hinduism
  • Monetary unit: Indian rupee (INR)
  • International dialing code: +91

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If you are moving to India you must know that the Indian education system is not too well in India, as 4% of the children never start school, 58% have never completed primary school and 90% do not graduate at all. This is provided by the public and private sectors. This can be divided into the following layers:

  • Elementary school (From 6  years till 14 years old)
  • Secondary school (From 14 years till 18 years old)
  • University/College level
  • Technical Institutes

80% of the schools that are recognized are from the elementary level are government run or supported. Private school is a privilege for the citizens of India, and most middle class households send their children to a private school.


India is one of the emerging countries in Asia. The unemployment rate has been decreasing over the last years and has reached 4.9% since January 2014. Working in the cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai has been increasing popularity, since the improving economic situation in India. Many foreign companies move to India because of low labor cost. So the supply for the IT and financial market is very high. If you are moving to India and want to work, you will need an employment visa. The validity of your employment visa can be up to 5 years and can be extended if necessary. The following are required for an employment visa:

  • Four passport photos
  • Passport with valid visa
  • Three photocopies of the photo page and the valid visa of passport
  • Details and three copies of proof of residence
  • Registration of an Employment Visa also needs
  • Three copies (in total) of registration form
  • Three copies of contract from employer including terms and conditions and salary
  • Three copies of stamped and signed (by appropriate authority) undertaking letter from the company on company letterhead
  • Three copies of Permanent Account Number (PAN) card or three copies of the application made for a PAN card


Bank accounts

If you are moving to India, it is possible to open a bank account. The biggest banks in India are: State Bank of India, ICICI Bank Limited and Punjab National Bank. However if you are moving because of your job, then it is possible for you to discuss this with your employer. Your employer might help you open a new bank account (usually at an International bank). The following general documents are required if you want to open a bank account in India:

  • Proof of identity, copy of passport
  • Passport photo
  • Proof of residence
  • Copy of the visa

Moving to India


If you are traveling or moving to India, you will need a visa to enter India. It is quite easy to get a visa, however the following documents are required:


    • Application form
    • Order form
    • Additional particulars form
    • Persons of Indian origin
    • Proof of address
    • Photograph
    • Supporting documents
    • Fees


Cost of living

Although, many people think living in India is cheap, you might be wrong. If you are moving to India or traveling to Mumbai or or Dehli, then your costs may be quite high. The cost of living in these cities is quite expensive. The cost of accommodation is usually the highest expense for expats. Of course, in the cities like Mumbai or Dehli, this is even more expensive than rural areas. You might find that eating outside can be very inexpensive or very expensive, depending on your living style. Also, doing groceries in India is very cheap, even in the cities.


Medical care

When you are moving to India, you must know that the health care system of India is of high quality and most doctors speak fluently English. Keep in mind that the health insurance in India only covers hospitalization and emergency costs. For the other expenses, you will need to pay up front. However compared to other countries in the EU or USA, it is still cheaper. The quality of a private hospital is better than the public hospital in India, however the costs are relatively higher. Most expats also take a private insurance to be sure. Health insurance in India is not compulsory.


Driving license

If you are moving to India, it is possible to obtain an Indian driving license for expats. The following documents are required, if you want to apply for an Indian driving license:

      • Filled in form
      • Receipt of the payment
      • Medical certificate
      • ID or passport
      • 3 Passport photo
      • Proof of residence
      • Medical certificate

The examination exists of the practical examination and an interview.



Expats who residence in India for 182 days need to pay regular taxes. Of course, the more you earn the more tax you will need to pay. Keep in mind that the tax system in India might be very complicated, and that extra help of an accountant might be necessary.

Moving to India

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