Moving to China


Basic information China

If you are moving to China, it might be useful to know the basic information about the country, which can be found below:

  • Official name: the People’s Republic of China (PRC)
  • China is the 2nd largest country by area
  • Population: 1,357,380,000 (2013)
  • Capital City: Beijing
  • Government: Socialist single-party state
    • President: Xi Jinping
    • Premier: Li Keqiang
  • Official language: Standard Chinese
  • Major religion: Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism
  • Monetary unit: Renminbi (yuan)
  • International dialing code: +86

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China has one of the largest education systems in the world. All residents are obliged to attend school for 9 years from the age of 6 years till 15 years, and this funded by the government. After the age of 15 years, school needs to be paid by the parents or family. However in rural parts of China, many children stop with their education at the age of 15 because they cannot pay the costs for education. The education system of China can be divided in the following layers:

  • Primary school – lasts 6 years and is compulsory from the age 6 or 7 years old
  • Secondary school
    • Junior (Lower) Secondary School
    • Senior (Upper) Secondary School
  • Post-secondary school
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Master’s degree
    • Doctoral degree

Respect towards teachers is considered very important in China and there is a lot pressure on the students to pass. The number of private schools in China is increasing. Most of the international schools only accept Chinese who have a foreign passport. Therefore it is advisable to check the requirements of the international schools.


The unemployment rate of China is 4.1%. If you think about moving to China and finding a job, you may find yourself working in a foreign invested enterprise. The competition is fierce in China. If you want to work in Chinese companies, knowing their language (Mandarin) is usually necessary. The average working week is estimated at 40 hours per week, however keep in mind that working overtime daily is considered very normal in China.

Getting a work permit might be tricky if you are moving to China. It is required that you and your employer must meet certain requirements before you can apply for a work visa in China, you will need these documents to apply for a work visa:

  • Passport and current visa copy
  • Resume or C.V. (in English or Chinese)
  • Copy of the company Business License who employ you
  • Copy of the company Organization Code License + Copy of the company Approval Certificate
  • Copy of bachelors or higher degree
  • Reference letters from any foreign company to prove you have 2 years full-time working experience (after graduated) in your current field and position

After you have submitted the copy of the company organization code license and approval certificate, you must submit the following:

  • Employment Contract
  • Registration Form Of Temporary Residence (
  • Health Certificate
  • 5 Photographs (2 inches size)

If you are moving to China and want more information about work permits, click on the website below:


Bank Accounts

The biggest banks in China are:

  • Bank of China
  • China Construction Bank
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • Agricultural Bank of China

To open a bank account in China is relatively easy, even more if you speak the language. The only document that you need to require is your passport. If you are moving to China and want to open a bank account, you will need to fill in a form. Keep in mind that the name must be written exactly the same as from your passport. When the application is done, you will need to pay for your bank card (which will cost around 10 RMB to 15 RMB), and you will need to make a small deposit.




If you are travelling or moving to China, you will definitely need a visa, unless you are from Singapore, Brunei and Japan and holding an ordinary passport depending on your visit. To apply for a visa you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Passport, valid at least 6 months
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Proof of legal stay or residence permit
  • Filled in visa form

There are many visas that you can apply for depending on your visit.

Keep in mind that when you are moving to China, that upon the day of entering China, you have 24 hours to register at the (local) police center near your stay. If you are staying in a hotel, the hotel usually will do that for you. However if you are staying somewhere where they will not service you with this, you will need to do it by yourself. You will need to submit:

  • Original passport and copies of the ID page
  • Visa (or residence permit or stay certificate)
  • Entry stamp of China

It is advisable to bring someone who can speak the language if you register at the police. If you are moving to China and want to apply for a permanent residence card in China, the process might be tricky and has a lot of requirements.

If you are moving to China and want more information about visas, click on the link below:

Cost of living

It might be handy to know about the cost of living if you are moving to China. The cost of living in China is relatively cheap if you compare it to the countries in Europe. China is a developing country, most local Chinese residents do not earn a lot. Shanghai and Beijing are one of the most expensive cities to live in, in China. Transportation, namely metro and train are very cheap. Depending on your living style, living in China can be very expensive or very cheap. Eating a whole lunch can cost 15 RMB. The largest expense that you will pay in China is for the accommodation.


Medical care

Health care is available widely in China. However if you are moving to China, you must know that the quality of the medical care may vary per hospital and city. If you go to hospitals in rural areas, then the quality may not be very high and might be very basic. However in large cities like Shanghai and Beijing, the quality is very good. However it is advisable to keep an eye on the news, because outbreaks are common in China. Keep in mind that they do not all speak English in public hospitals, if you do not speak the language and you go to the hospital, it is advisable to bring someone who does speak the language to help you. International hospitals are better for expats, in these hospitals, English is spoken and service is faster. If you get a health insurance for a public hospital (provided by your employer), it is advisable to also purchase a private insurance.



Driving License

If you are moving to China, you have to know that driving in China might be a challenge. You cannot drive with an international driving license in China. Road accidents happen commonly and are usually fatal. Therefore it is important to be careful, even when you are by foot or by bike. If you are moving to China you can apply for a temporary driving license, the documents that you need to provide are:

  • Copy of your visa page
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of you latest entry stamp in your passport
  • Copy of you oversea license
  • Photocopy
  • Chinese name and height



The tax system in China depends on the income, the more you earn the more tax you pay. Under, you can find the table of income tax rates in china for an individual per 2014:


Tax % Monthly Income (CNY)
3% 1 – 1,500
10% 1,501-4,500
20% 4,501-9,000
25% 9,001-35,000
30% 35,001-55,000
35% 55,001 – 80,000
45% 80,001 and above


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