Compare international shipping cost

Moovmii is your guide when you have to deal with international shipping as well. A move can be complicated: Leaving your current city, going to a whole new country, having a new job and career, and obviously carrying your belongings with you. Moovmii can help you in finding the right shipping  company to perform your international move. Our network of qualified moving companies are at your service: Just fill in our online form, and you will receive up to 5 quotes. You will be able to compare the shipping cost, and choose the movers that fits you best.


Why should you use Moovmii?

There are many reasons why Moovmii can make your international shipping easier:

  • Quotes allows you to compare shipping prices and services, without having to contact many different shipping companies.
  • Pick your own skilled mover that will make sure your goods are shipped internationally with the least troubles.
  • Save money and time! The international shipping company will contact you, and you can choose the option that fits your budget the best.

What kind of international shipping should you choose?

There are 3 different shipping ways to ship your personal belonging internationally, depending on the distance and the goods you have: Move by sea, by air, or by land.

  • Sea transport (shipping by sea): This method offers you some cost advantages. It can also be faster than shipping by land, and your belongings will be safer stored inside the containers. You need to consider though the need for extra transport from the port of destination to your new home.
  • Air transport (shipping by air): This is the quickest method to choose, and also the safer (your things will be securely stocked inside the aircrafts). The only negative aspect is the price. Shipping by air is the most expensive of the 3 alternatives, due to the services it offers.
  • Land transport: Two options are available here, trucks or trains, depending on your needs and destination. Trucks offer a comfortable door-to-door service, without the need to pay for extra delivery. On the other hand trains are the cheapest option available. Of course transport by land is not always possible.

The three choices offered can be puzzling, since each one of them has advantages and disadvantages. Let our experienced shipping companies advice you which is the best option for your needs, and to guide you through the process.

Our movers can also offer you extra services, like insurance, assembling and disassembling, packing, and many other high quality services.

When you have to make an international shipping, give trust to qualified international movers to move your belongings, and to Moovmii for providing you with free quotes and the contact of the best movers available.